Welcome to 

the Land of 


Welcome to 

the Land of 


A Game Of Strategy

Raid Villages with the Viking Berserkers

Pick the Vikings to fight with if you are drawn by war and gaining land to conquer and resettle. Learn to grow your civilization and protect your family.

Burn the Countryside with Dragons

Pick the Dragons if you just want to be left alone but will fight if the human enter your land OR if you want to take on you opponents with fire and brimstone.

Battle with the Knights Templar

Pick the Knights if your heart is pure and your actions are swift. Don't allow your opponents take the Holy Land. You are its only hope.

Pick the people you would like to lead into battle and know that you are their only hope for survival. Pick the group you will use to defend your lands or take over your opponents'. Once chosen, choose your terrain you will live in and the road you will travel to reach your goal. Once these are chosen you are ready to fight. Choose one Character to start and see where their journey leads them.



This game came from the mind of a 5-year-old son of a game developer. When he saw his father designing the card game Historical Conquest, he wanted to create his own. So with the help of Zack Edwards, founder of Historical Conquest and his father, Ethan began to develop this game. Zack and Ethan worked hard to develop it into a feasible game and then Zack produced a prototype and gave it to Ethan for Christmas.


4 years later, after much success from Historical Conquest, Zack and his son are now introducing the world to the card/board/miniature game Totally Medieval, upgraded from what it used to be with more strategy, amazing graphics, and so much more. 


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