Game Box includes: 3 Decks of Cards, 1 Play Mat, and 32 Figurines. (Rules will be made available in box, on the website, and on YouTube)


Totally Medieval is an enhanced Math adventure that will bring all players on ever-changing adventure pinning groups in history against each other (future versions to include fictional creatures, wizards, and groups). Through its design, game functionality, and mathematics training each player will be able to play the game at their own skill level. (Skill levels adequate for ages 4-100)


To begin we will introduce the Knights Templar and Viking Berserker sets. These enhanced pieces do much more than just sit on your board, they embark on an epic adventure towards their opponents. Traveling through wastelands, mountains, and other terrains to meet their opponents. They may also prepare new strongholds in preparation for their opponent's arrival. 


In order to advance, mathematic calculations must be achieved or they may not move forward their turn. This enhancement of adding math to gameplay has shown to motivate youth to enhance their own math skills and growth. This game will continue to grow with you whether you are learning Addition or Algebra 1 and bo